When RADISH met… Tahnee Lonsdale 

Tahnee wears the  Gracie maxi  in lilac

Tahnee wears the Gracie maxi in lilac

Tahnee is a good friend of the brand and well known for her semi-abstract paintings. We are always inspired by her work – especially her experience of colour. Tahnee is British but based in Los Angeles, we were so happy to have the opportunity to shoot and interview her at home… 

Can you tell us a bit about you and your studio? 
My studio is at home in my garage. I live with my two boys, Sonny and Rudy, in Mar Vista, LA.

You have such a zest for life. What inspires you in your everyday? 
Colours! I'm constantly collecting palettes from my surroundings. Venice is such a great place for this. 

And weirdly… dumped furniture! My most recent collection is based around discarded sofas found on the Venice sidewalks.

Who are you listening to on Spotify at the moment?

Florence Cash
Cautious Clay
Cleo Sol
Eliot Sumner
Fog Lake
Sylvan Esso
to name a few

Are you planning any wanderlust trips away from the studio this year? 
I wish they were more wanderlusty! A trip back to London in June for a solo show, and then again in July for my sister’s wedding. But I'd love to get to Joshua tree and Big Sur. 

We love to see you in RADISH. Do you have a favourite piece from the collection, and why? 
I love my Stella maxi in black. It's so beautiful and perfect for LA. I plan to wear it to the beach, on balmy evenings, to bbq's and picnics. It's super versatile.

What’s the most important piece of advice you have been given? 
In terms of painting…. don't be afraid to fuck it up. Sometimes the best things need to be destroyed before they can be made.
In life... don't get caught! That's from my Dad.

Can you share your tips on where to eat, sleep and shop vintage in LA? 
Sleeping in my own bed is always preferable! But if not, then Caravan Outpost in Ojai is pretty awesome. 
Salazar is a great place to eat, the food is amazing and it's got a very chill atmosphere.
I'm not much of a shopper but the vintage shops in Silverlake are pretty good!

Tahnee wears the  Gracie maxi  in red

Tahnee wears the Gracie maxi in red

Find more of Tahnee’s work on her website and instagram.

Photos by Kate Berry

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