RADISH is a women's lifestyle brand weaving a world where vintage, art, film, music and wonder meet.  Our pieces are one of a kind – timeless silhouettes featuring original, bold colourful patterns and magpie-like embellishments. 

Channeling the spirit of the RADISH muse, each collection is based around our favourite and dream dresses - items made to treasure.  Classic vintage 60s and 70s block designs but with a RADISH twist;  Unique prints, playful touches and flattering cuts that catch the eye.  

Pieces to love, last and dream about.




RADISH was founded in 2017 by creative director Lisa Piercy who, following an illustration degree built up over ten years of creative experience in fashion, music, print and retail. 

Her love for scrapbooking and for vintage often takes her across the world, predominantly to Los Angeles where she calls on SoCal’s vintage flea markets and artist friends for inspiration. She has dozens of scrapbooks, cherishing them for their nostalgia and heralding them as the catalyst for RADISH's creative inception.

Lisa’s aim is to create pieces that evoke the sheer wonder of stumbling upon a kindred spirit, or the next clue in an endless scavenger hunt: the thrill of slipping on a find that fits as if it was cut to measure. 

RADISH now resides in Brighton where Lisa is at home. Lisa describes it as ‘spirited, fun and dreamy’ with each dress representing a personality that can elevate a mood and inspire a day. 




The word RADISH is playful and evocative of all things ‘rad’ – sixties/seventies California, SoCal’s vintage flea markets… the golden muses of the past.  RADISH defines her own beauty. A RADISH muse is the woman with the pep; the zingy, strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to express herself and have something to say. 

A RADISH woman drums to her own beat.