When RADISH met... The Flower Appreciation Society

We have been lucky to share studios with many a wonderful creative over the years, but one of our favourites has been our friends  'The Flower Appreciation Society'. Floral masters Anna and Ellie, met while pulling pints in 'The Scolt Head' in De Beauvoir in Hackney. And now nearly ten years later, having worked with many brilliant brands and happy couples, they have written a book and even started their own cutting garden. 

I first met Anna when we studied Illustration together at Brighton University. I remember meeting her in the lift on the way to our interview, she had the warmest sunniest smile and was carrying a basket (as I remember). Years later we went on to share the studio in De Beauvoir (where she is still based) and where RADISH was also born. It never got boring seeing what flowers they had in each day. Whole branches of blossom in spring, the deliveries of British grown flowers or even palm leaves sprayed gold. The girls describe their style as 'wild and natural', which we are also very in to. Read on to see what happened when RADISH met The Flower Appreciation Society ... With the lovely Issy from The FAS on modelling duties.

Issy of' The Flower Appreciation Society' wearing 'Mimi'.

Issy of' The Flower Appreciation Society' wearing 'Mimi'.

Issy wearing mini 'Gracie' in Raspberry.

Issy wearing mini 'Gracie' in Raspberry.

Issy in 'Mimi'

Issy in 'Mimi'

What are three things that inspire the creations of ‘The Flower Appreciation Society’?

Nature, Matisse and Charleston House.

What is your studio soundtrack?

At the moment we can’t stop listening to ‘Suddenly' by the interestingly named Drugdealer (!)

Do you collect anything?

Anything we can put flowers in to!

If the ‘Gracie' dress was a flower, she would be…  a poppy . 

If ‘Mimi’ was a flower, she would be…  a forget-me-not.

What's your favourite De Beauvoir secret spot?

‘The Scolthead’ everytime (for obvious reasons!).

What is your favourite travel spot or dream getaway?
Somewhere sunny and full of flowers - Puglia in Spring was pretty amazing. 

Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram?

@saipua, @_xsbx_, @mccormickcharlie, @theplantmagazine, @lizzie_kingdom and of course... @thisisradish

And on that note, for pictures that'll make you smile everyday do go follow @flowersociety too!


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